Arizona is ready to defeat Trump's toxic agenda.
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Why Arizona

Arizona is going through a transformation. People of all backgrounds and experiences are coming together to build power together in our first time as a battleground state. It will take all of us to make this a reality, from the Navajo Nation to Yuma. We will need to get ready together. We’ll be opening offices statewide, hiring and training organizers, and creating on-and-offline communities where volunteers can come build the infrastructure we need to beat Trump and those who are pushing his agenda. Arizona will be at the forefront of this battle. Arizona is Ready!

We're training and giving Arizonans the tools they need to succeed in this election.


Arizona Ready will be training community members and volunteers


We will mobilize and talk to voters with the shared goal of defeating Donald Trump’s agenda.


We will give organizations and individuals a home in their communities to begin organizing.

These elections are about us, our future and that of our communities. It will take every single one of us stepping up, getting ready, bringing others along Luis Avila, State Lead

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Arizona is ready to defeat Trump and his hateful ideology.
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Arizona Ready!

We are a community based, volunteer-driven, organizing campaign designed to get operational in 2020 earlier than ever. Join the campaign to defeat Donald Trump’s agenda.

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